That means for us a quick taxi in Saint-Petersburg?

  • A quick taxi. Just one call the operator or filling out a simple online order form taxi on the website - and we are at your service.
  • Fast taxi. We not only quickly go, but quickly harness. The aim of the car will be delivered to your door in a very short time after the order, start to dress!
  • Quick pitch at any time of the day, because we have round-the-clock taxi. Regardless of the time of ordering the early morning or late at night, you will come to a cheerful taxi driver, and if you see заспанное face in the mirror, only his own.
  • Fast moving taxi route, because our drivers are well oriented on the streets of St. Petersburg and choose an optimal way, not blaming the tube, the state of the roads, traffic lights, or bridges.
  • Despite assurances from the classics, not all love fast driving. Our drivers are professionals and not Scorcher. More important for us not fast and safe driving, so they take you without incident, regardless of road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Accuracy - the inheritance of the kings and our taxi drivers. For us you on time, so with us you do not be late, and you gain the glory of a king punctual person.

It is believed that any work can be done quickly and expensive, or slowly and inexpensive. But the work of our taxi service refutes this rule, because we can be quickly and inexpensively get anywhere in limits of St. Petersburg.

Quickly remembered number to order a taxi

We intentionally did not buy expensive «beautiful» a number that dazzled the eyes of identical figures, because we would have had to pay that money out of your pocket. But we are sure that our services at least once and appreciating the convenience and quality service, which is so inexpensive, you can easily remember our room 64-222-40

  • 64 - cell-squares on the chessboard;
  • 222 - three little Swan from «Swan lake»;
  • 40 years when life begins only (as it is said in the movie «Moscow does not believe in tears»).

Round the clock order and fast taxi in Saint - Petersburg-a safe and inexpensive. If you need taxi from something else-let us know and we will try to improve our service, if possible - after all, we can not all, we're just good taxi service.

Reliable, economical and comfortable taxi service that takes care about its clients, дорожащая its reputation of offering a quick round-the-clock supply of taxis and effective solutions for:

  • your business and business trips;
  • your children and their safe transport;
  • your guests and visitors of our city, to see St. Petersburg from the best side;
  • your purchase and delivery of orders.
Если номер дома с корпусом, указывайте так - 15к3 - в поле «дом».
Если Вы планируете поездку по КАД, в качестве промежуточной точки маршрута указывайте "Вантовый мост" в поле "Обьект".
Заказ будет автоматически обработан и предложен наиболее подходящему водителю.
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