предложение для партнеров от такси In this very beautiful and modern city, unfortunately not all the streets are covered by public transport. The question of saving time is very serious and often 5 minutes can decide a matter of getting a big contract, and as we know quickness in solving the problems of our and it is not an easy time the success of the company.

We will help you in this matter, please contact us and we will sign an agreement on a permanent basis.

Our professional drivers will quickly and different types of services: meeting the client (documents) at the airport, with shipping documents, flowers, dinners, etc. in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad

Get the information you enter into a contract and you can call tel. 984-57-81

Если номер дома с корпусом, указывайте так - 15к3 - в поле «дом».
Если Вы планируете поездку по КАД, в качестве промежуточной точки маршрута указывайте "Вантовый мост" в поле "Обьект".
Заказ будет автоматически обработан и предложен наиболее подходящему водителю.
форма заказа