Service Price (Euro) standard tariff Price (Euro) tariff city
Waiting for the client when submitting a taxi and 10 minutes. Free Free
Stops along the way, up to 5 minutes. Free Free
Waiting in excess of the above standards (for 1 min.) 6 6
Meeting the passenger with a sign 100  100 
Transportation of oversized cargo in the cabin 100 100 
Transportation of large animals, carriage of pets in the cabin without cells 100  100 
Passage through the ring on the taximeter on the taximeter
Provision of a car with a child seat 100 100
Carry more than four passengers minivan to the value of 50% to the value of 50%
Minimum order 280 280 
Minimum order at night 250  280 
1km run 32 42 

If the shipping address is not known or can not be found on the map, the trip is calculated by the taximeter

Wake sober driver

Minimum order 1000
1 kilometers 50

Clockwise order at least 3 hours in the city

Minimum order  2040
1 hour run 680

At the rate the city a 20% discount, to get a discount in the calculation of the order called the card number

TAXI ST PETERSBURG": an inexpensive taxi to the SPB

Quality at a reasonable price! It is believed that "our people in the bakery on the taxi ride" due to uneconomical, and to put it simply - because it's too expensive. In fact, taxi economy class in St. Petersburg is quite affordable fun, of course, if we're talking about our service Taxi St. Petersburg.

And go to the store to shop at our inexpensive taxis will be slightly more expensive than public transport, not to mention the incomparable comfort: do not have to drag myself full of bags, and then another to stand all the way shuttling from side to side. But, of course, everyone decides for himself - one more time and health, and the other for the extra couple of hundred rubles is willing to walk and walk up to the house.

A taxi call in St. Petersburg - expensive!

For those who value themselves and their money, call our economy a taxi - the best option. In a big city like St. Petersburg, there is always a choice, and often there is an alternative: make a call or get a taxi under its own power "on the chaise." At current prices, the municipal transport and taxis, taking into account several stops and the time spent on hold, inexpensive taxi ride will be faster, more convenient, and if you go a few people, and cheaper.

There are also situations where you need a taxi ride, even when the target is near, if not at the bakery, then, for example, to the clinic. Not povezesh same grudnichka in a crowded tram or bus stuffed in the midst of another viral infection that in St. Petersburg replace each other all year round? In this case, the challenge of our taxi - a great and inexpensive way out of a difficult situation. We offer a service economy class, but the economy is a reasonable cost to customers, not skimping on quality of service.

Inexpensive does not mean cheap, and on-call taxi to come at the cost of an economy car in excellent condition, with an experienced and helpful driver that does not make you wait, and quickly deliver the right address. It is much safer and ultimately cheaper than catching a private trader in search of questionable economy.

Because in this case there is a risk to catch the really "cheap" wreck whose driver did not know where to go, but really wants to earn extra money, but you will have to pay for his incompetence. And there's more favorable scenario, because the private carting does not give any guarantees. While inexpensive taxi for us - in demand and popular among our passengers a service, so we try to make it as comfortable as possible and profitable.

Если номер дома с корпусом, указывайте так - 15к3 - в поле «дом».
Если Вы планируете поездку по КАД, в качестве промежуточной точки маршрута указывайте "Вантовый мост" в поле "Обьект".
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