The price for a taxi to the train station and from the railway station in St. Petersburg

Petersburg taxi service company «Taxi Saint-Petersburg» offers services of taxi trips to railway stations and the stations of the city. At this moment, our city has five railway stations, Moscow, Finnish, Vitebsk, Ladoga and Baltic, and also two bus, river and sea.

Not all of them conveniently reached using public transport: first, water stations and bus transport are far from metro stations; secondly, self Luggage transportation by public transport can turn into a very difficult and unpleasant adventure; third, after a long road, which sometimes takes a few days, there is absolutely no forces on a Hiking trip and standing on their feet; fourth, the schedule of arrival and departure of trains/buses/ferries does not conform with the schedule of public transport, which makes impossible trip to the station at night.

The ideal solution is to take a train station «Taxi Saint-Petersburg»

For all of these cases will be proven and reliable Taxi Saint-Petersburg», the specialists of which not only enjoy a cab in a strictly designated time in order to avoid any delays, but will choose the best and the most convenient place for Parking. All of our taxi drivers are familiar with the road and the Parking situation at all stations, allowing them not to Park the car for three kilometers from the station, as it is done by private companies. Besides, for anybody not a secret, that today's situation in the taxi market is characterized by democratic prices, which in most cases below (sometimes dramatically)than the price of a taxi, заламываемые private traders at the railway stations at random.

Turning to our official taxi, you can not worry about their safety and that of your Luggage, and you can be assured that our drivers will take care of you to become happy, and it means the constant client of our company. Our taxi drivers will consider all your wishes, time of arrival of the train, bus or ferry station, and, under the preliminary arrangement, will meet you with a sign and carry in the car.

The company «Taxi Saint-Petersburg» round - the-clock mode of operation, operational dispatch service, fast and timely submission of machines, modern reliable vehicle fleet comfortable salons, qualified and experienced, courteous drivers, as well as your safety and affordability.

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