Children's taxi

A trip by car with children requires special child seats that are designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort of the child. This requirement is not only the letter of the law, but also elementary care of your baby. However, children's taxi - it's not only cars equipped with special child seats, but a particular style of driving and the driver of particular relevance to its young passengers.

A trip with a baby in the car very often is not a luxury, but a necessity - after all, unlike the adult, the kid can get tired or fall asleep in the most seemingly inopportune moment, and little feet are not able to withstand the many kilometers of walking. Particularly relevant children's taxi service is when there is a need to bring and take the child to the clinic, or during epidemics, when the presence of a baby in public transport is extremely undesirable.

The company "Taxi St. Petersburg" offers children a taxi for the transport of small passengers of any age. Ordering a taxi to our service, you can be assured of a truly safe trip, the driver and careful attention to use only the most modern and comfortable child seats in which your child will feel as comfortable as possible

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