Delivery of documents

Document delivery in the city is often a necessity, especially when it comes to emergency requiring no delay transmission of documents.

Neither the courier did not deliver the documents as fast as it will make a qualified driver of the company "Taxi St. Petersburg." This service is particularly relevant when it comes to remote from metro areas to which the ordinary foot courier will get a clock. It is also important that the taxi service - it's hour delivery of documents, even in the most inopportune time when no one, not only courier does not agree to perform night work, but can not do it physically, as public transport is no longer valid.

"Taxi of St. Petersburg" - a non-stop calling machines, super fast car supply, safe, reliable and, most importantly, prompt delivery of documents at the address and transfer them personally.

Our taxi services - the optimum solution for business communications and immediate exchange of papers and documents, which may affect the future of the business or the particular transaction. Order the delivery of the documents right now, and the car will arrive in the near future.

We are waiting for your call at (812) 64-222-40

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Если Вы планируете поездку по КАД, в качестве промежуточной точки маршрута указывайте "Вантовый мост" в поле "Обьект".
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