Woman taxi

What the female taxi and how it differs from the normal taxi? At first glance this is the same as a taxi in the usual sense, only behind the wheel is a woman. However, this is not the most important difference. What services does a female taxi? Actually this service from «Taxi Saint-Petersburg» has a more narrow specialization. The point is that it aims solely on the interests of the fairer sex.

Transportation of children of preschool and school age.

Woman taxi already proved itself as a reliable family inexpensive пассажироперевозчика. This service mandatory is equipped with a special child seat, and this allows you to safely transport children even without supervision by parents. Moreover, there is even the option of a meeting of newborns and their mothers right by the door of the hospital. Of course, this task requires special care. And those, who will perform better than a woman that understands all of the subtleties and nuances of the moment? By the way, is it's not very expensive.

Service called «shopping», that is the organization shopping trips.

Woman taxi for the best option. Agree, almost all women love to shop. While walking hypermarkets, they can spend hours, carefully choosing what is really like. Clothes, shoes, accessories, goods for the house - all these women tend to buy with pleasure, care and some special women's love. In principle, this is not surprising since, as scientists say, the sense of taste in women developed much stronger. However, the word «shopping» in this case refers not only travel in shopping centers. Destination female taxis can also be beauty salons, fitness-clubs, medical centres and so on.

Wake up service wedding procession of the bride.

Here special comment and does not required. Almost every girl dreams of the day of her wedding, presenting it in the most vivid colors and bright colours. Naturally, in this picture there is no place for any unpleasant incidents. Therefore, a trip to the procession of the bride should be entrusted to the most careful driver, and for this role, of course, the best choice for a woman which all the dreams and desires of the bride also very close and clear.

What is another feature of the female taxi?

With the driver of a car you can easily, naturally and sincerely chat, that is called, «its about women's»and be completely confident that there are no men's ears, who in this case is not quite desirable.

Where you can order inexpensive services of a female taxi in St. Petersburg? For this you only need to dial the telephone number of the company «Taxi Saint-Petersburg» 8(812)64-222-40. We guarantee you punctuality, efficiency, accuracy and comfort.

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