Taxi to and from the airport in St. Petersburg

Taxi to and from the airport is not only extremely popular for such a big city as St. Petersburg service, but also service that requires special, very responsible approach. The reason is that in the case of travel to the airport by taxi is unacceptable delays or feed the machine is not in time, because the client can simply be late for the flight, and thus losing a large sum of money.

In the case of the trip from the airport machine must submit as soon as possible to the client did not have to freeze or stand in the rain waiting for a taxi, because usually call a taxi driver is coming right after the landing and the time of the giving of the car remains not so much.

All these factors are taken into account by our drivers, experts on trips to and from the airport into the city. With us you can be sure that the car will be delivered in a strictly designated time, and this will not worry about being late for the flight. Our machines taxi will meet you at the Pulkovo was way (possible and meeting driver with a sign in the building of the airport), and in the case of the trip to the airport will save you from having to go some time walking (which is unfortunate, given the availability of baggage), and bring up to the entrance gate to the most close distance, and also will help to load and unload your Luggage.

The price for a taxi ride Saint Petersburg airport

Many innocent citizens and guests of the city are worried about rates on official proven taxi in St. Petersburg, ordered by phone. However, this concern is held once they learn how much is the machine of private owners, waiting for potential clients directly at the exit from the airport and заламывающего completely unbelievable rates (for example, less than a thousand rubles businessman, working in Pulkovo, just don't sit in your car, even if it is about two miles).

But if Russians are able to cope with the attack Pulkovo private drivers, foreign or non-resident Russians understand the prices for taxi simply cannot. Truth is that, contrary to popular opinion, the price for a taxi ride to the airport or from the airport to the official company is much lower (sometimes several times), than at private traders, because the cost of such a trip will not differ from that of normal driving around the city.

The company «Taxi Saint-Petersburg» you will find not only reasonable and affordable prices, but also quick and safe ride by taxi without delay, which will save your time and nerves.

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