Service taxi the Sober driver, especially for you

Today many have own car, so taxi should not all. However, sometimes the taxi driver you want to almost everyone. This service is called «the sober driver» (although other водилелей we would not have been able to send).

Our employee is: a sober driver who takes you home when you are not in shape after the Banquet, or feel it does not matter, without the risk of running into at the request of «dyhnut in the tube». A professional driver will transfer your car where you say:

  • home from airport or railway station;
  • garage or on the sink;
  • the Parking lot.

An experienced driver, which you can trust your car. Personal driver, who is always ready to help:

  • Gain an inexperienced motorists, who has just received the rights and bewildered on a busy street
  • Perform routine trip to give you an opportunity to concentrate on more important matters.
  • Urgently replace personal driver if he is ill or get, and jump to a taxi't want to.

Service «the sober driver» is a real magic wand, and gives a number of advantages:

  • Available around the clock because sober drivers are scarce usually at night.
  • Inexpensive, sometimes even cheaper than taxi, and incomparably cheaper than calling a tow truck for quite working car.
  • You don't have to throw the car anywhere, but from morning to look for it somewhere.
  • Do not think anyone from friends to Wake up, so he came and took you.

Of course, you can skip all this and go to metro (if it still works) or on a passing taxi, but there is no guarantee that a trip to the not quite sober by public transport ends without incident. It can guarantee the only sober driver driving your personal vehicle.

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