How to have a nice vacation in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Visit Saint Petersburg if you have never been here yet! Visit Saint Petersburg if you have already been here but would like to enjoy the city on Neva once more! Visit us and you won't regret. We guarantee a great vacation and will show you the entire city both from land and from water.

It's important to say that you have to worry about nothing! Taxi "Saint Petersburg" takes upon itself the entire organization of your cultural program and all other essentials of your trip.

Just call and order our tourists escort and you will get complete "service pack" which includes:

  • meeting at the airport/railway station;
  • hotel accommodation;
  • transfer from airport/railway station to hotel;
  • any city rides you will need while staying in Saint Petersburg;
  • cultural program preparation according to your wishes and requirements: theatres, museums, concerts, exhibitions, football matches etc.
  • other escort services you may wish

The program would be based on your cultural preferences as like as on the financial restrictions you impose on us.

What should you do to get a nice vacation? Just e-mail us! By getting your request we will immediately make all needed calculations and connect with you to discuss it.

We invite all and every one to Saint Petersburg!

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