We invite you to tour by taxi

Taxi considered to be public transport, however, no secret that the taxi you can ride in the countryside, and even further. Also widely believed that call taxi costs only on a case or in cases of urgent need, and in other circumstances it is better to somehow do.

The roots of both of these beliefs are rooted in the fact that the taxi is traditionally considered to be expensive. If you go on business to the city centre - already luxury, then what about the countryside going for a walk? The company, however, to counterbalance the stereotypes offers travel by taxi, and believe me, it'll be quite expensive.

Taxi tour is a relatively new service

The service includes travel service for St. Petersburg residents and guests of our city. This includes several directions:

  • For example, you can travel by taxi to our nearest neighbors - in Finland, which is much more convenient to travel on a tourist bus, as if to gather a small company, and not particularly expensive. Besides you move out from the house and go back right to my door, instead of after the trip to get from the center to all modes of transport.
  • Room transfers from the airport or train station to the hotel. Our taxi driver will meet the visitors, will help to carry your bags to the car and drive to the right address.
  • Excursion taxi tours in the city of Leningrad and even in the famous ancient cities of Russia, in each of which has its own Kremlin, for example, in the Pskov, Novgorod.
  • Tour service, which includes thematic tours taxi ride to the historic centre and picturesque surroundings of St. Petersburg.

Undoubtedly, in St. Petersburg there is something to see, and why not do it for a taxi? So much easier to feel the real atmosphere of St. Petersburg than from a high window of a tour bus. Besides individual taxi tour is not forcing you to a rigid program of excursions - you choose where to go, where and how to linger. Decide whether you need a guide or not, the more so that our drivers themselves can show and tell a lot of interesting. They know the streets of the city like no other.

But, of course, you can order and thematic excursions:

  • on the night Petersburg, when you can see the bridges and palaces with backlight;
  • take a ride on the bridges of St. Petersburg;
  • drive around the palaces, museums, theatres and concert halls.

In General, tour by taxi to provide the cultural program, what impressions will last for a long time.

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