Taxi to the cities of Russia

If necessary go to other cities in Russia in the first place consider rail or long-distance buses, and taxis somehow forget.

However, this is a convenient and quick way to move, which has significant advantages over the other options interurban trips:

  • By taxi you are not bound to the exact time and can leave when you want.
  • Taxi rides to your door, and you go on the road right from the house, not the station, which would need to reach to the room.
  • When traveling by several people of the cost of a taxi on each not more expensive than the train ticket, you can order a minivan and, in addition to good friends, bring a lot of things.
  • Time saving: taxi does not make unnecessary stops, you choose when and where to stay.
  • Our taxi goes faster, unlike trains, it is not situated on tracks, he does not need to constantly slow, then accelerate way up to 40 kilometers per hour. Taxi, like any car, traveling at speeds from 60 to 110 kilometers per hour on the motorway, so that will come in another city of Russia, at least two or three times faster trains.
  • By taxi don't need tickets, it is always available, even if all the tickets in the desired city of Russia sold out.
  • The taxi will take «where trains», and will deliver to the door even in settlements where there are no nearby railway and bus stations.

As you can see, taxis are perfect for trips to other cities of Russia with a business purpose or to visit relatives, or simply ride along the Golden ring.

Because of wonderful ancient cities are from St. Petersburg within the day of the move, and even a few hours by taxi: Moscow, Novgorod, Pskov, Staraya Russa, Tver, Vologda, Petrozavodsk... So, if you are in the way, do not forget the taxi!

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