Taxi service for disabled persons in St. Petersburg

Even in a city as St. Petersburg, it is difficult to taxis for disabled, otherwise people with disabilities. Regular taxi company rarely provide this service for the disabled in St. Petersburg, because it requires high qualification of the driver, which can help a person with disabilities, for example, get in the car and get out of it, and specially equipped vehicle fleet suitable for such purposes and is able to make the trip quick and easy.

One of the few happy exceptions is «Taxi Saint-Petersburg», provides a taxi service for the disabled and people limited in their movements. Our professional and experienced drivers working in our taxi service for disabled guests, will help you conveniently and easily get in the car and quickly reach to the destination, getting rid of all worries and concerns, because it's no secret that while in St. Petersburg for the disabled created the best conditions, which do not allow to fully use the public transport in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

Our taxi service in St. Petersburg for the disabled will be useful not only for people with disabilities, but also for those who have temporarily lost the ability to comfortably use a regular public transport, for example, due to a fracture.

Our taxi for disabled guests - this is an excellent, convenient, quality and respect relating to its clients the service, which makes for disabled and handicapped guests all the best to deliver them at destination quickly and safely. Our taxi - the best solution in the sphere of transportation for people with difficulties in movement. We work round the clock and willing to take you at any time!

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