Transportation of passengers and cargo

"Taxi St. Petersburg" - reliable, safe, comfortable and fast taxi in the city, the reference company, the basic principles are: precision, fast pitch machine, safe driving, qualified drivers with many years of trouble-free experience, polite and attentive service, non-stop operation , reasonable prices, and providing the full range of services related to the transport of passengers and cargo.

"Taxi St. Petersburg" - this hour accessibility, modern fleet of vehicles, comfortable lounges, unfailing punctuality and maximize operational supply a taxi to your porch, safe trip, the best routes, written with consideration of congestion, and great value for money.

We offer the following services:

  • day and taxis;
  • feeding machine at exactly the right moment to you;
  • trip to the train stations and the airport, meet arriving;
  • transport any number of passengers, airport transfers;
  • sightseeing trips around the city;
  • Service "sober driver";
  • taxis to transport children;
  • targeted delivery of goods and documents;
  • taxis for disabled, and more.

Our fleet:

Heavy vehicle



Passenger car

Orders larger vehicles produced at least one day. The cost is calculated each client individually.

Book a taxi now by calling (812) 64-222-40 or by filling out a simple online form to call the car.

Taxi "St. Petersburg" - your favorite, time-tested and reliable taxi

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